Potency Pills – miracle or solution?

Intraurethral therapy impotence For intraurethral applications using various drugs such as alprostadil. From the urethra the drug is absorbed with the bloodstream to the cavernous body where reactions occur that cause the erection. This method is similar to the previous one, but allows to exclude an injection into the penis. Currently this therapy is not widely used because of the high cost of drugs and adverse reactions (burning sensation in the urethra), as well as the need for mandatory condom use. Vacuum constricting therapy impotence The essence of the method consists of creating a negative pressure in the corpora cavernosa of the penis using a vacuum cylinder and pump, which causes the inflow of blood and an erection, held by means of the overlay at the base of the penis special compression ring restricting venous outflow. Thus, there is an opportunity to commit a sexual act with a duration of no more than 30 minutes. The efficiency of the method is 40-50 %. The disadvantages include the practical use of the device (you cannot hide from your partner, etc.), painful ejaculation (ejaculation) due to the compression ring, bleeding on the penis, numbness of the penis, etc.

Statistics – a stubborn thing, and she says that about 80% of the male population, faced with the problem of loss of potency, sooner or later, turn and become regular fans of Viagra.

Surgery recently used less and less due to the high efficiency of drug therapy. Surgical methods are used in extreme cases, when conservative treatment does not produce the desired results and for certain indications. Surgical treatment of venous insufficiency of the penis is performed in case of defeat wansapanataym mechanism of the penis. Despite the great age of this method, its efficiency is about 50%. However, even at relatively low results of venous surgery penis still used in clinical practice, as an extension to other previously described methods, which allows to achieve high results. Surgical treatment is indicated in case of insufficient arterial blood flow in the penis. Is microvascular arterial bypass surgery, the effectiveness of which varies from 30 to 50%. This operation demonstrates the high efficiency only in young patients. Penile prosthesis is currently the main method of restoring the rigidity of the penis. The implantation of prostheses is the final stage of treatment of impotence, when all previous methods of treatment have failed.